Vol 9. Issue 27 / September 21, 2009

In Brief

Career Seminar Series: "Academic Job Search 101"

Ryan Wheeler, manager of the Career & Postdoctoral Services Office, will present a workshop, "Academic Job Search 101," with the participation of Assistant Professors Ian MacRae and and Takanori Otomo, on Wednesday, September 23, 2009, from 1:30 to 3 PM. Topics will include the timeline and resources for finding academic jobs; how to effectively compile your application package, including how to structure your CV, cover letters, and other documents; and how to navigate phone screens and campus interviews. A moderated question and answer session will follow the presentation. The event, hosted by the Office of Career and Postdoctoral Services, will be held in the Keck Amphitheater, Beckman Center, La Jolla campus. No RSVP necessary.

Emergency Number Reminders

CALIFORNIA For California employees, the following resources are available during an emergency:

  • The California Campus Status Hotline, at (858) 784-7000. California employees can call the hotline in any regional emergency for a recorded message on the work status of the campus. The institute's website and email system will continue to be another source of information.
  • In case of an emergency on the California campus, dial "77." When you dial "77" the phone is connected automatically with the security operator located at the Beckman Center front entrance. The security operator will answer, take some preliminary information, and then tell you to hold while he/she transfers you to the 911 operator. It is important that you not hang up during this transfer; the line will be silent until the 911 operator answers (this may take more than a minute). During your call, other members of the Scripps Research Emergency Response Team will be alerted, so they can also provide assistance.

FLORIDA Florida employees should look to the following resources during an emergency:

  • The Florida Campus Status Hotline, at (561) 228-2999. Florida employees can call the hotline in any regional emergency, such as hurricanes, for a recorded message on the work status of the campus.
  • In case of a Florida campus emergency, call "911." Dialing 911 from a Scripps phone automatically connects you to Scripps Florida Security desk in Building B reception. Security will obtain the critical information from you. They will immediately contact the Scripps Emergency Response Team and the Palm Beach County emergency center which will dispatch the appropriate team from Jupiter Police, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, and/or EMS to the Florida campus.

For more information about emergency planning on the Scripps California campus, contact Carolyn Keierleber, Ph.D., at (858) 784-8240; for the Florida campus, contact Larry Wylie, Ph.D., at (561) 228-2041.


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Campus Close Up: Rock On
Mystery artists have created rock piles on the Scripps California campus between buildings 3366 and 3377 Torrey Pines Court. Photo by Kevin Fung.