Vol 9. Issue 23 / August 10, 2009

In Brief

NWiS to Host Get Together For New Faculty and Students

How do newly hired faculty at Scripps Research find students for their labs? This question was raised by a Scripps Research faculty member recently at a Network for Women in Science (NWiS) coffee hour. Apparently it is not easy. So NWiS has decided to help by hosting a happy hour for new faculty and students on Thursday, September 3 at 5 PM. Although the event is targeted at early students still seeking rotation opportunities and new Ph.D. advisors, all individuals—including established principal investigators, more senior students, and postdocs—interested in meeting the people behind the institute's newest research directions are welcome to attend.

"We really hope that we will have a big turn-out, especially from the PI side," said Johanna Heideker, Kellogg School graduate student and member of NWiS. "There are not many opportunities at Scripps for students and faculty to meet and interact with each other in an informal setting—this is going to be one!"

The September 3 event will be held on the patio behind the graduate office. If you are a principal investigator planning to attend and have not already done so, please RSVP to heideker@scripps.edu.

Career Seminar: "Careers in Science Policy"

Kellogg School alumna Phyllis Frosst, head of Policy Program and Analysis at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Human Genome Research Institute, will speak on "Careers in Science Policy: Tainted Love and Time" on Friday, August 14, from 9:30 to 10:30 AM. Frosst will discuss how she made the transition from a Scripps Research graduate student to the head of genomics policy at the NIH. She will discuss: similarities and differences between academic and policy lifestyles; types of government and policy opportunities available to graduate students and postdocs; and how to leverage your skills and experience to get the job you want. The event, which is sponsored by the Kellogg School of Science and Technology, the Society of Fellows, and the Career and Postdoctoral Services Office, will be held in the Keck Amphitheater of the Beckman Building. No RSVP required.

Career Seminar: "Effective Communication for the Research Lab"

Anne Busse of The Leadership Coaching Group will speak on "Effective Communication for the Research Lab" on Wednesday, August 26, from 2:30 – 4:30 PM. Questions addressed will include:

  • What makes communication effective?
  • When should you speak up? When should you hold your tongue?
  • How can modifying your communication style improve difficult relationships?
  • What is a complete request? How can knowing the components of a complete request transform your conversations?
  • What do you truly know and what are you assuming? You can tell the difference in your science, but can you in your lab relationships?

The event, sponsored by the Society of Fellows and the Career and Postdoctoral Services Office, will be held in the HR Training room, 3377 Torrey Pines Court, second floor. RSVP is required to http://hris.scripps.edu/training/.


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New Green Team Comes Together

The new Scripps Research "Green Team" recently held its first meeting in the ongoing effort to explore new ways to make the institute's policies and procedures more environmentally friendly. Photo by Kevin Fung.