Vol 9. Issue 11 / March 30, 2009

Scripps Research Tribute Pages:
Putting Money Where It Counts

By Mika Ono

Especially in these difficult economic times, putting money where it counts matters. That's why the Scripps Research Philanthropy Department has launched a way people can create a tribute page on the Web to honor or celebrate a loved one, while at the same time raising money for the institute.

"Instead of gifts or flowers," says Elliot Wolf, of Scripps Research Philanthropy, "people can celebrate an individual by contributing to important biomedical research in his or her name."

Tribute pages can honor the memory of a loved one or mark a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or occasion such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Veteran's Day.

The tributes created since the service launched a few months ago are a testament to the power of caring. The Chestnut family's tribute to Scott Chestnut reads, "We will miss Scott—his sense of humor, intelligence and ability to live life in the moment. In honor of his life, we hope donations can assist others fighting alcoholism." A number of friends and family members made donations to Scripps Research in Scott Chestnut's honor.

A button within each tribute also allows you to easily forward information about the tribute to others who may be interested.

Tribute pages have already raised several thousand dollars for the institute's research, which includes studies relevant to many of today's most pressing health problems, including cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, depression, malaria, addiction, and alcoholism.

Scripps Research is a four-star charity, as rated by Charity Navigator, which has now given Scripps Research this top rating seven years in a row.

To create a new tribute or to participate in an existing one, go to http://www.scripps.edu/tribute/home.


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"Instead of gifts or flowers, people can celebrate an individual by contributing to important biomedical research in his or her name."

—Elliot Wolf