Vol 9. Issue 9 / March 16, 2009

Team Identifies Key Molecules that Inhibit Viral Production - The discovery from the Scripps Florida Strosberg lab may aid in the development of anti-hepatitis C virus drugs.

Ready For Prime Time - Scripps Florida's proteomics touch screen technology will appear on TV crime drama CSI: NY.

Scientists Engineer New Type of Vaccination that Provides Instant Immunity

Opening Ceremonies Celebrate New Scripps Florida Biomedical Research Facilities

Scientists Create First Crystal Structure of an Intermediate Particle in Virus Assembly

Team Increases Understanding of Two Types of Blindness, Bolsters Simple Prevention Strategy, and Develops Gene Therapy Option

Scientists Uncover Potential New Target for Schizophrenia Treatment

Team Finds Drug Lessens Body's Massive and Often Deadly Immune Response to Flu Virus

Team Develops New Technique to Tap Full Potential of Antibody Libraries

The Immortal Molecule

Scripps Research Scientists Mentor Students in New SMART Program - Teams of San Diego high school students are delving into research topics with the help of Scripps Research scientists.