Vol 9. Issue 3 / January 26, 2009

James Gohres

Title: Manager, Hazardous Waste and Lab Audit Programs, in the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

Duties: Overseeing the radiation safety and hazardous waste programs, encompassing the handling, storage, and disposal of waste according to a variety of laws and regulations. Managing the lab audit program that helps labs comply with health and safety guidelines, including supervising the safety coordinators who conduct lab inspections. "With input from the staff, I'm looking for ways to improve the programs and make them more efficient."

Started at Scripps Research: December 29, 2008. "I feel lucky to be working on this beautiful, world-renowned campus."

Work Experience: 21 years with the Hazardous Materials Division of the County of San Diego, most recently as an Environmental Health Specialist III responsible for inspections of large, complex facilities and the direction of any resulting enforcement measures. Also, 17 years as an emergency responder in the County's Hazardous Incident Response Team (HIRT), on call one week of the month to go to the scene of events such as overturned tankers, beach contamination, and the discovery of illegal drug labs. "After the Health Department closes at 5 PM and on weekends, it's up to HIRT to contain, control, and mitigate any public hazard. It's amazing what you encounter as part of the team."

Background: Born and raised in San Diego (Bay Park area). Earned a B.S. in Business Administration from San Diego State University, a professional certificate in Hazardous Materials Management from the University of California, San Diego, and is a Hazardous Materials Specialist with the California Specialized Training Institute.

Extracurriculars: Spending time with his family—his wife, Christine, and four children, Rachel, 18, twins Nicole and Kevin, 16, and Heather, 14. Working in the large yard of his home in Murrieta. Going to Chargers games as a 20-year veteran season ticket holder.



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"I feel lucky to be working on this beautiful, world-renowned campus," says James Gohres of Environmental Health & Safety.