Vol 9. Issue 1 / January 12, 2009

New Technique Is Quantum Leap Forward in Understanding Proteins - The method, from the Hoch lab, should enable development of new antibiotics and other drugs.

Stayin' Alive - Roy Smith, chair of Scripps Florida's new Department of Metabolism and Aging, chooses his battle against nature.



Scientists Develop Method for Generating Novel Types of Stem Cells

Scientists Watch Membrane Fission in Real Time, Identifying a Cellular Fission Machine

Team Defines New Painkilling Chemical Pathway

Touch and Go

San Diego Philanthropist John Moores Gives $2.1 Million to Scripps Research

Scientists Identify Exciting New Compounds for Stem Cell Production from Adult Cells

Scientists Develop A New Strategy to Fight Obesity

How Brain Circuits Are Built

The Immortal Molecule - Professor Gerald Joyce and graduate student Tracey Lincoln have developed the first examples of RNA that replicates itself indefinitely without any help from biology. The findings could inform biochemical questions about how life began.