Vol 8. Issue 37 / December 8, 2008


Hirsch Index Shines Spotlight on Scripps Research Chemists
Last month Chemistry World magazine published an updated list of chemists who ranked high on the Hirsch index, a ranking invented by physicist Jorge Hirsch in 2005 to measure research impact. A scientist's h-index is the highest number of papers he or she has published that each have at least that number of citations: for example, Scripps Research Professor Kurt Wüthrich, with an h-index of 115, has published 115 papers that have each received at least 115 citations.

The list includes seven Scripps Research investigators in the top 100 of 2,000 chemists assessed. In addition to Wüthrich, these Scripps Research scientists are: K.C. Nicolaou (with an h-index of 94), K. Barry Sharpless (93), Richard Lerner (88), John Yates, III (81), Peter Schultz (78), and Chi-Huey Wong (74).


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