Vol 8. Issue 33 / November 3, 2008


Michael Hanson Wins Sidhu Award
Michael Hanson, scientific associate in The Scripps Research Institute's Stevens lab, has won the Pittsburgh Diffraction Society's Sidhu Award, given to an outstanding scientist who is within six years of having earned a Ph.D. In announcing the award, which honors contributions to the fields of crystallography or diffraction, the society cited Hanson's scientific and technical accomplishments on the recent B2 adrenergic receptor structures, as well as other accomplishments on toxins.

As part of the award, Hanson is presenting a lecture on his work during the 66th Annual Diffraction Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, this week. Previous winners of the Sidhu Award include Scripps Research principal investigators Erica Ollmann Saphire (2003) and Raymond Stevens (1992).


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