Vol 8. Issue 12 / April 7, 2008

New Program Unites Neuroscience Talent at Scripps Research - The new bi-coastal Program in Neurosciences will promote scientific exchange among its members and highlight the institute's strengths in this dynamic field.

The Mobility Pond Makes a Splash - The Scripps Research theater group gathers momentum.

Jonathan Hollander Wins NIH Awards


The Secret Life of Stem Cells

Scientists Develop Process to Disrupt Hepatitis C Virion Production

Scientists Identify Potential New Target for Treating Metastatic Cancer

Scientists Devise Approach that Stops HIV at Earliest Stage of Infection

A Bigger Picture: Peter Kuhn Looks at Circulating Tumor Cells

Diamonds and Pearls

In Memoriam: Frank J. Dixon, 1920-2008

Medicine Man: Philip LoGrasso Targets Drug Discovery


A Ghost in the House - "Addictive drugs are chemicals that can artificially activate [natural] reward pathways," says neurobiologist Paul Kenny. "They corrupt this circuitry."