Vol 8. Issue 8 / March 10, 2008

Scripps Research Scientists Launch International Conference on Alcoholism and Stress - "This conference is the first international meeting of its kind," said Assistant Professor Marisa Roberto, who is organizing the event with Professor George Koob.

A Beautiful Friendship: Scripps Research Hits It Off with the Fleet Science Center - "We're thrilled at the opportunity to spread the word about what is going on in science," says Marisela Chevez, who runs the Scripps Research Science Outreach Program.


A Bigger Picture: Peter Kuhn Looks at Circulating Tumor Cells

Diamonds and Pearls

In Memoriam: Frank J. Dixon, 1920-2008

Medicine Man: Philip LoGrasso Targets Drug Discovery

Scientists Discover New Gene Linked to Fragile X Syndrome

Scientists Find New Genetic Mutation that Halts the Development of Lupus

Team Finds a Widely Used Anti-Malarial Drug Prevents Cancer Development


Scientists Devise Approach that Stops HIV at Earliest Stage of Infection - A team led by Scripps Research Professor Chi-Huey Wong has developed a unique, two-step process to fight HIV based on the latest viral discoveries.