Vol 8. Issue 7 / March 3, 2008

In Brief

Phil Baran to Speak in Faculty Lecture Series
Chemistry Associate Professor Phil Baran will speak on "The Catalytic Cycle of Discovery in Total Synthesis" as part of the Faculty Lecture Series on Wednesday, March 12, at 5 PM. The lecture will be held in the Timkin Amphitheater, Green Hospital, La Jolla. A reception will follow in the Immunology Building galleria.

Floyd Romesberg to Discuss Genome at Fleet Science Center
Associate Professor Floyd Romesberg will give a public lecture at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center on Monday, March 3, at 12:30 PM, as part of the Afternoon Scholars program with the museum's Senior Mondays. Romesberg will discuss why changes in the genome are necessary to generate the diversity needed for evolution, and how they also underlie the evolution of drug resistance and play a central role in cancer and aging. For more information, see the Fleet Science Center website.

Got Interns?
The Communications Department is now recruiting labs to host students and teachers in the 2008 summer internship programs. The programs' admissions committee receives many outstanding applications and accepts only one in four of the most qualified students.

The mission of the internship programs is to recruit and train the next generation of scientists, expose teachers to current laboratory techniques and procedures, disseminate information about careers in biomedical research, and educate the community about the importance of supporting federal funding for basic science. The program is also committed to increasing the participation of female, underrepresented minority, and first-generation college-bound students in the biomedical and chemical sciences.

This year's internships will run from June 23 through August 15. Before arriving in the lab, high school interns will again participate in a one-week, off-campus training session, made possible by a partnership with the Life Science Summer Institute. The Life Science Summer Institute was recently cited in an international publication on Best Practices in Biotechnology Education. (Scripps Research is cited as a partner in a chapter entitled "A Model for Connecting Students and Teachers to the Biotechnology Cluster in San Diego County.") Funding for the internships is provided by grants from foundations and private donors.

For more information on mentoring an intern in your lab, please see www.scripps.edu/community or contact Marisela Chevez, x4-2171 or mchevez@scripps.ed.

2007 Skaggs Report Now Available Online
The 2007 Skaggs Report is now available online at http://www.scripps.edu/research/skaggs2007/. Send any changes or corrections to Jann Coury, at jcoury@scripps.edu.


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In Remembrance of Frank Dixon

A memorial service on February 23 celebrated the life of Frank Dixon, pioneering immunologist and founder of The Scripps Research Institute. Click to enlarge.