Vol 8. Issue 2 / January 21, 2008

Phillip and Patricia Frost Give $1 Million to Scripps Florida - The lobby of the Drug Discovery Building on the institute's new Jupiter campus will be named in the couple's honor.

Naturally Occurring Peptide Inhibits Common Viral Infection - The study from the Nemerow lab points toward potential new antiviral therapeutic strategies.

Team Finds a Widely Used Anti-Malarial Drug Prevents Cancer Development

Team Identifies Human Antibodies that Prevent Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Mouse Model

Scientists Discover Chemical Triggers for Aggression in Mice

New Research Identifies a Novel Receptor and Potential Target to Prevent the Sexual Transmission of HIV-1

Scientists Develop Modeling Method that Increases Our Understanding of Diseases like Cystic Fibrosis and Alzheimer's

Failure is Not an Option

Team Blocks Bacterial Communication System to Prevent Deadly Staph Infections


Scientists Find New Genetic Mutation that Halts the Development of Lupus - The study, led by Associate Professor Dwight Kono, pinpoints numerous proteins as potential autoimmune disease targets.