Vol 7. Issue 30 / October 15, 2007

Novel Yeast Protein Plays a Key Role in Repairing Double-Strand DNA Breaks - The discovery from the Russell and Wittenberg labs points to new cancer therapies.

Scientists Develop Innovative Dual Action Anthrax Vaccine-Antitoxin Combination

Tales from a Life in DNA

Pearson Family Chair to Support Forward-Looking Alcohol and Addiction Research

Researchers Shed New Light on How Antibodies Fight HIV

Researchers Pinpoint Specific Neurons Involved In Memory Formation

Physicist in Disguise

Building on Success: Cindy Ehlers Extends Innovative Research on Alcoholism






Structure of HIV Capsid Protein Reveals Potential Weakness at Inner Core of Virus - Findings from the Yeager lab provide molecular details of a possible new target for AIDS drugs.