Vol 7. Issue 24 / August 27, 2007

In Brief

Look Out for SOF's First Newsletter
There's a new publication in town and it's from Scripps Research Society of Fellows (SOF).

The SOF newsletter is making its debut this month with a special issue featuring contributions by three past SOF presidents—Adam Mullick, Ron Nepomuceno, and Michael Oldstone (a Scripps Research professor who was the second SOF president). The newsletter also includes news and updates, perspectives from the Postdoc Office, and a message from the current president.

"We are launching this new SOF newsletter for all postdocs at TSRI," writes Vandana Ramachandran, SoF president and research associate in the Winzeler lab. "This will be a better way to advertise our events and to keep you abreast of other news concerning the SoF."

Research Associate Roshni Mitra Chintalapati of the Theofilopoulos lab will edit the publication. In upcoming issues, she intends to highlight two recent SoF events, probably one academic and one social, as well as announcing upcoming events. Current plans include printing the newsletter quarterly and distributing copies at each building, either at the reception area or at coffee carts so people can pick up copies if they are interested. The issue will also be available from the SoF website.

The SoF is sponsoring a contest for a "snazzy, hip name" for the new publication, with a $50 gift certificate from Amazon.com as the prize. Name ideas, as well as other newsletter questions, ideas, and suggestions, should be emailed to the SoF at fellows@scripps.edu, with the subject line "Attn: Newsletter Editor."

Reminder: Dial "77" in an Emergency
The Scripps Research administration reminds California employees that in the event of a campus emergency, you should contact the security console operator located at the Beckman Center front entrance. All telephones are set up so that when you dial "77" you will automatically be connected with this security operator. All Scripps California telephones should have a sticker reminding you to use the "77" number in the event of an emergency.

When you dial "77," the security operator will answer, take some preliminary information, and then tell you to hold while he/she transfers you to the 911 operator. It is important that you not hang up during this transfer; the line will be silent until the 911 operator answers (this may take over a minute). If you get disconnected, the security operator will not be able to reconnect you with the 911 operator, but the security operator will remain connected with the 911 operator. With the connection between the 911 operator, the security operator, and you, there will be a three-way conversation to communicate specific information concerning the emergency. Stay on the line until the 911 operator releases you. While you are on the line, the security operator will be alerting other members of the Scripps Research Emergency Response Team, so they can also provide assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns about reporting a campus emergency, or need a new sticker for your phone, please contact Environmental Health & Safety at x4-8240.

Workshop: "Getting Started in Your Workplace Savings Plan"
Benefits Administration is pleased to have Fidelity Investments on the California campus to present a workshop, "Getting Started in Your Workplace Savings Plan," on Tuesday, August 28, from noon to 1 PM. This is a beginner's workshop designed to educate employees on the benefits of saving in their workplace savings plan.

Some of the topics covered with be: the benefits of contributing to a retirement savings plan; how to enroll in the plan and/or increase current savings amounts; the creation of a budget and a plan for savings; the advantages of tax-deferred savings; typical retirement income sources; and plan features and investment options.

The workshop will be held in the Human Resources Training Room, 3377 N. Torrey Pines Ct., Room 205.

Changes for Tuition Reimbursement Requests
Beginning with the Fall 2007 enrollment, all Tuition Reimbursement requests must be submitted in advance of the start of the class. Human Resources will review the Tuition Reimbursement Request for eligibility and approve or deny the request. Reimbursement may then be obtained after completion of the approved class once proof of payment for tuition/books and the grade or certificate of completion has been submitted. The advantage of this new procedure is that those individuals seeking tuition reimbursement will know in advance of starting the class if it is eligible for reimbursement once completed. 

The Tuition Reimbursement Request application has been updated to reflect the new two-step process and can be found at http://www.scripps.edu/hr/benefits/forms/TuitionReim07.pdf. Individuals who have already started classes for the Fall session may still submit the class or classes for pre-approval.

Further information can be found on the Scripps Research website on the Tuition Reimbursement webpage located at http://www.scripps.edu/hr/benefits/tuition.html, including a link to FAQs and Administrative Guideline 1.27 Tuition Reimbursement. Questions regarding tuition reimbursement can be directed to Benefits Administration at benefits@scripps.edu or x4-8487.

Got Cover Art?
Do you have scientific artwork that could be used on the CD cover of 2007 Scientific Report? To submit artwork for consideration for the cover, please email an attachment of a color image in jpg, tif, eps, or pdf format to Jann Coury, jcoury@scripps.edu, with a descriptive paragraph of your submission.

Entries are due no later than Friday, September 7, 2007. The selection committee will make its decisions in early September. High resolution jpg or tif files will be required for production of the report.

Next Institutional Biosafety Committee to Meet
The next meeting of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) will be held on Wednesday, September 12. To receive IBC consideration at the next meeting, please submit your completed registration documents to EH&S at rachellv@scripps.edu, by Friday, August 31.

Celebrates Labor Day
News&Views will not be published next week due to the Labor Day holiday. Regular, weekly publication will resume with the Monday, September 10 issue.


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