Vol 7. Issue 24 / August 27, 2007

A Special Gift

By Mika Ono

Many different types of people support The Scripps Research Institute, inspired by a desire to improve the science and medicine of the future and make a difference in the world we live in. Recently, Scripps Research welcomed a new group of donors—the student council of O.M. Roberts Elementary School in Lake Jackson, Texas.

The $100 check to The Scripps Research Institute arrived in the mail this summer, with a note that the student council had chosen the institute as one of its beneficiaries.

"The students had several choices about where to donate," said Vicky Adams, a third grade teacher at the school who volunteers to advise the student council. "They voted for The Scripps Research Institute."

According to Adams, the students chose Scripps Research because they felt disease research holds the opportunity to help all humanity. Many of the students could also relate to the issue personally.

O.M. Roberts Elementary School, whose motto is "where we learn, work, and play together," consists of about 580 students in kindergarten through fourth grade. The school is named after the Texas governor who was instrumental in establishing the University of Texas, Sam Houston State Teachers College, and Prairie View A & M College.

Representatives from the school's first through fourth grade classes participate in the student council (kindergarteners have to wait a year to join). The 2006-2007 student council had 22 members, who completed several fundraising projects during the academic year. Before leaving for summer vacation, council members voted to send a donation to Scripps Research, as well as nonprofit groups Nature Conservancy and the Arc.

"I wanted to teach the kids about the importance of giving," said Adams. "They were enthusiastic participants and I will definitely encourage the student council to make donations again."

The group learned about Scripps Research through Charity Navigator, America's largest independent non-profit rating organization. Charity Navigator has awarded Scripps Research four stars, the group's highest designation, for six years in a row.

For more information on giving to Scripps Research, see the Scripps Research Philanthropy web page or call (858) 784-9367.


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"The students had several choices about where to donate. They voted for The Scripps Research Institute."

—Vicky Adams