Vol 7. Issue 8 / March 12, 2007


Paul Schimmel Wins Stein and Moore Award
The Scripps Research Institute's Professor Paul Schimmel has won the prestigious Stein and Moore Award from The Protein Society for "contributions to the highest level of the study of proteins."

Schimmel's research examines the nature, origins, and boundaries of the genetic code, probing the molecular basis of tRNA specificity and the manipulative potential of tRNAs and their enzymes as tools for developing new proteins, cellular functions, and potential therapeutics.

The Protein Society's Stein and Moore Award, sponsored by The Merck Company Foundation and named for Nobel laureates William Stein and Stanford Moore, venerates their contribution to understanding the connection between chemical structure and catalytic activity of the active center of the ribonuclease molecule.

Watch Sydney Brenner's Talk (Again) Online
If you missed the lecture by Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner hosted by the Society of Fellows (SOF) in January or if you liked it so much you want to see it again, the lecture is now online on the website of The Science Network (TSN) at http://www.tsntv.org/. The nonprofit Science Network aims to encourage and enlarge the national conversation about science by providing coverage of scientific speeches, interviews, and meetings.


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Kellogg School Hosts Prospective Students

Three "recruitment weekends" on the Scripps Research La Jolla campus are providing prospective Ph.D. candidates with information about graduate studies at the Kellogg School of Science and Technology. More than 90 prospective students are visiting from institutions including Brandeis, Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, Brown, and the University of California system.