Vol 7. Issue 5 / February 12, 2007

In Brief

Library Tip: Free Trial Access to Chemistry Resources
The Kresge Library is pleased to announce free trial access to four resources:

e-EROS (Encyclopedia of Organic Synthesis), which offers a systematic and exhaustive coverage of reagents used in organic synthesis,

SpecInfo on Wiley InterScience, which provides desktop access to some of the largest collections in mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, and infrared and near infrared spectroscopy,

Organic Reactions, which is a comprehensive database of important synthetic reactions, together with a critical discussion of the reaction and tables that organize all published examples of the topic reactions, and

Organic Syntheses, which describes checked and edited experimental procedures spanning a broad range of synthetic methodologies. This resource also provides chemists with a compendium of new or little known experimental procedures that lead to useful compounds or that illustrate important new developments in methodology.

Follow the links above for access, checking out the "Getting Started" resource on each. Some of these resources require the use of ChemDraw, ISIS, Draw, or another plug-in. Demonstrations on how to use each product are available on each website under "Demos." These four trials run until Friday, March 2. Please contact the Kresge Library with any questions or comments.

Want to Learn More About Outlook or Entourage Software?
Research Computing is making the Microsoft Exchange messaging system available to all Scripps Research employees on the La Jolla campus. To help those new to this software environment on both Macs and PCs, Human Resources Training is offering classes on the software's enhanced features, especially for email and calendaring. These include:

 • Scheduling meetings and sending invitations,

 • Setting up shared folders,

 • Collaborating through shared calendars,

 • Arranging easy out-of-office messages,

 • Accessing Outlook or Entourage email from home or on the road,

 • Viewing your calendar over the Web,

 • Sending out simple group surveys using voting buttons,

 • Giving permission to others to view/edit your calendar.

 • Recalling emails that should not have gone out.

For PC users, the Outlook 2003 and Exchange Class will be held Thursday, February 8, Wednesday, February 14, Friday, February 23, Friday, March 9 and Tuesday March 20, from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Follow the link to sign up for one of these classes.

For Mac users, the Entourage 2004 and Exchange Class will be held Friday, February 9, Monday, February 12, Wednesday, February 28, Wednesday, March 7, Friday, March 16 and Wednesday, March 28, from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Follow the link to sign up for one of the Entourage classes.

All classes are held in the Computer Training Room 310 in Building 3377. For more information, contact Jesse Stumpp, x4-8268 or jstumpp@scripps.edu.

Lunch & Learn: "Redirecting Children's Behavior"
Family coach Hilde Gross will speak on "Redirecting Children's Behavior: How to Avoid Everyday Power Struggles," Thursday, February 22, from noon to 1 PM, as part of the ongoing Lunch & Learn seminar series. Topics will include: how to prevent and respond to misbehavior; how to assist children in becoming more responsible, cooperative, self-confident, and respectful; how to gain more time for yourself; and how to enjoy parenting with increased feelings of confidence and calm. The workshop, arranged by the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services, will be held in the W.M. Keck Amphitheater, Beckman Center, La Jolla.

Salutes President's Day
News&Views will not be published on Monday, February 19 due to President's Day, a Scripps Research holiday. Weekly publication will resume on Monday, February 26.


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New 3040 Cafeteria Now Open for Business

Scripps Research La Jolla employees can now enjoy a convenient lunch in a brand-new cafeteria on the ground floor of 3040 Science Park Drive. The entrance is around the back.