Vol 7. Issue 4 / February 5, 2007

Ron Nepomuceno

Title: Research associate, Nemerow lab.

Field of Study: Viral immunology, including research on Epstein-Barr virus, adenovirus, and influenza virus. "I'm currently working on a really exciting project, a collaboration with the Ghadiri lab, on cyclic peptides with potent anti-influenza properties."

Started at Scripps Research: Nepomuceno was a technician in the Cooper lab in the early 1990s. He returned to Scripps Research to join the Nemerow lab in 2003.

Background: Grew up as a self-described "Navy brat" in San Diego, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Florida. Earned a B.A. from the University of California (UC) San Diego and a Ph.D. from UC Irvine, where he cloned CD93 with advisor Andrea Tenner. In his first postdoctoral position, he worked with Stanford University's Olivia Martinez in transplant immunology. 

Favorite Part of His Job: "I have a really cool boss. He gives his lab members the freedom to take their science where it needs to go, with supportive feedback."

Career Goal: A job in industry, in the San Diego area.

Professional Activities: Nepomuceno has been active in the Society of Fellows (SOF) as website manager for the past three years, and was elected SOF president in a special election last month.

"My involvement in the SOF has been a lot of fun. I've met a lot of great people and really enjoy SOF events, such as the talk last week by Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner and the recent trip to see the opera Don Giovanni. As president, I'd like to continue to support the SOF in offering a good balance of academic and social events, including career outreach and development."

Other Hobbies: Working out at the gym, skiing, and playing poker.


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Ron Nepomuceno, who works in the field of viral immunology, was recently elected Society of Fellows president.