Vol 6. Issue 31 / Oct 16, 2006

Rashid Ali

Position: Mail Room Supervisor.

What He Does on a Typical Day: 6 AM—Arrives at work and picks up mail from the U.S. Post Office with another crew member, then comes back to the Scripps Research Mail Room to help sort it. 8:15 AM—Goes back to the post office to pick up the second round of mail, then comes back to sort it. 10 AM—Goes out to deliver the first round of mail on his route on campus, where he also picks up outgoing business mail and interoffice envelopes. (Personal mail is also picked up if it has a stamp.) Back in the Mail Room, he helps stamp outgoing business mail. 1 PM—A second round of mail pick up starts.

Also, before finishing his work day at 2:30 PM, Ali checks email for the Mail Room, locates missing items, oversees documents going out via Fed Ex, and trouble shoots for the four-member Mail Room team. Ali also works Saturday mornings to process incoming mail.

Goals: "Same-day delivery and happy clients."

Background: Grew up in Pakistan, completing school there before coming to the United States at the age of 19. His first job in this country was in a 7/11 store, at a time when he spoke little English (although he could read and write it). After building up his language skills, he got a job in the Green Hospital cafeteria, where he first heard about The Scripps Research Institute.

Started at Scripps Research: 2000, as a mail assistant. He became the lead for the four-person group in 2004, and was promoted to supervisor earlier this year, when the Mail Room became independent from Shipping and Receiving.

Favorite Part of the Job: "There are so many wonderful people here. The crew is terrific and the management team is a pleasure to work with."

Biggest Challenge: Getting mail to new scientists and staff, especially when items are addressed without a mail code and/or using nicknames. "Mail codes help!"

Hobbies: Working out at the gym and watching basketball, especially the Lakers. "Basketball is a fast, exciting game—a great sport to watch."


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Mail Room Supervisor Rashid Ali aims for same-day delivery of mail and happy clients.