Vol 6. Issue 11 / March 27, 2006

In Brief

Library Tip: RSS Feeds
Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds can help you keep up with news and research in your field. Instead of visiting many different websites and resources, you can set up an RSS aggregator (reader) to automatically gather the new information from those sites. Then simply check the RSS reader when it's convenient for you to find the compiled information in one place. Many scientific websites, journals, and blogs use RSS technology.

To get started, first choose an RSS reader (most are free). After you install the reader, you enter the address of the RSS feeds from the resources you want to monitor. If you see one of these symbols— or —this means you can sign up for an RSS feed. Here are a few feeds to get you started: AAAS Eureka Alerts, BioMed Central, Nature, PubMed searches, and Science.

For more information, check out the RSS section on the library's Keep Up-to-Date web page or contact the Kresge Library Help Desk, x4-8705 or helplib@scripps.edu.

2006 Scientific Report Submissions Due May 5
The due date for submissions from faculty in both California and Florida for the next Scientific Report will be Friday, May 5. The book will go to press in November for an early January distribution, coinciding with the annual meeting of the Board of Scientific Governors. For submission guidelines, see http://www.scripps.edu/news/sr/. Looking ahead, the due date for faculty submissions to The Skaggs Institute Report will be Friday, September 15 and a reminder notice will be sent out in the summer. For more information about either report, contact Jann Coury, at jcoury@scripps.edu.

Reminder: Emergency Number for La Jolla Campus
In the wake of the Cedar fires that devastated San Diego two years ago, Scripps Research instituted an emergency notification system on the work status of the institute's La Jolla campus. Benefits would like to remind La Jolla employees that in the event of an emergency, such as fire, earthquake, or flooding, they can call (858) 784-7000 to hear a recorded message regarding any closures to the campus. For more information, please contact Benefits at x4-8487.


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