Vol 5. Issue 35 / November 14, 2005

Stan Block

Title: Senior Machinist, Plastics Fabricator.

Department: Instrumentation and Design.

Duties: To support Scripps Research scientists and staff by designing, machining, and fabricating novel scientific apparatuses—acrylic shielding, electrophoresis equipment, adaptors, custom accessories for microscope work, nano-spray stages, and a variety of other custom equipment.

Goals: To complete jobs within cost, deadline, and specification tolerances. "I try to keep TSRI on the forefront of science whenever I can."

Shop Equipment: The Instrumentation and Design lab is equipped with three CNC (computer numerical control) mills, two lathes, a table saw, and a variety of other machine shop tools. "Our slogan is 'If we can't make it or fix it, we'll find someone who can."

Started at Scripps Research: 1981, as the second person in the shop under Director Ward Coppersmith. "It has been exciting to be part of an institution of this caliber, and to watch it grow and make an impact on science through the years."

Background: Born in Boulder, Colorado. Grew up in San Diego. Earned a vocational degree in automotive technology from Southwestern College. Worked in industry doing acrylic fabrication and machining of medical research equipment. "I've always liked working with my hands."

Favorite Part of the Job: The smiles and thanks after a project produces results.

Extracurricular Activities: Sharing some of his passions with his son, James, and daughter, Raquel, such as music, water skiing, wake boarding, body surfing, surfing, fishing, off-roading, cars, and motorcycles.


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Stan Block of Instrumentation and Design has worked at Scripps Research for 24 years. Photo by Kevin Fung.