Vol 5. Issue 31 / October 17, 2005

Angela Murrell - Meet Angela Murrell, new outreach and instructional librarian.

Chemical Extracted from Soy Beans Inhibits Disease Process Known as Amyloidogenesis

"Memory" of Nicotine Lingers in the Brain, Say Scripps Research Scientists

Scripps Research Breaks Ground for Construction of Scripps Florida Campus

Chemistry of a Conference

Mammalian Transcriptome Mapped, and It Makes Antisense

Mysterious Molecules Begin to Yield Their Secrets

Scientists Describe Smoker's Enzyme

The Face of Tumefaciens - In an article in a recent issue of the journal Science, investigators John Reader, Paul Schimmel, and colleagues show how a bacterial biocontrol agent prevents crown gall disease, a condition that infects more than 600 plant species.