Locations of loci and genes on the mouse chromosomes that contribute to murine autoimmune diseases are shown in red. Known loci that contribute to human autoimmune diseases are shown in blue at the homologous murine chromosomal locations. Relevant candidate genes in those regions appear on the left in white. Adapted from Marrack et al, Nature Medicine 7, 899 (2001). Courtesy of Roberto Baccala.


CTLA4 -- encodes an inhibitory T cell molecule
IL10 -- interleukin 10 gene
IL2 -- interleukin 2 gene
Fasl -- the gene encoding the ligand for the fas gene product
Fas -- fas gene
INS -- insulin gene
AIRE -- autoimmune regulator gene
C1Q -- encodes a protein that activates the complement cascade
MHC -- major histocompatability complex gene
Fcgr2b -- Fc gamma receptor 2b gene
FCGR2A/3 -- Fc gamma receptor 2a gene

APS-I -- autoimmune polyglandular syndrome
IDDM -- insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
MS -- multiple sclerosis
SLE -- systemic lupus erythematosus
THYR -- thyroiditis
RA -- rheumatoid arthritis

Idd -- insulin-dependent diabetes
Eia -- experimentally induced arthritis
Eae -- experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Sle -- systemic lupus erythematosus
gld -- generalized lymphoproliferative disease (FasL mutation with lupus)
lpr -- lymphoproliferation gene (Fas mutation with lupus)