Matt Barnas

Title: Senior systems analyst, also known as "one of the Mac guys."

Responsibilities: Helping people on campus trouble-shoot problems with Macintosh computers and peripherals.

Number of Macintosh computers on campus: 800 to 850.

Favorite part of the job: "Interacting with the people here, absolutely."

Most interesting part of the job: "What people can do to their computers."

Qualifications: Barnas is an "Apple-certified technician" trained at Apple Computer headquarters. "One part of the training was to take apart a printer, mix up the pieces, then put it back together again."

Started at TSRI: 1997

Previous positions: Technical support for the healthcare giant Boehringer Manheim and for the legendary musical group The Grateful Dead.

Biggest accomplishment to date: "Meeting my wife and getting married."

Wife: Tami Barnas, administrative specialist in to Executive Vice President Douglas A. Bingham.

Story of meeting her: "Tami, who was then an admin in David Cheresh's lab, was working on a grant application when her computer broke down. She was er... very insistent that I retrieve her grant document. Luckily, I was able to get it back for her!"

Extracurriculars: Brewing beer, gardening, jet skiing.


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Matt Barnas is an "Apple-certified technician."