Kelly Kehoe, Employment Representative

Job Description: Filling research technician positions, which includes recruiting and interviewing candidates as well as talking to principal investigators about their needs.

Started at TSRI: February 2001.

Background: B.S. in biology from Virginia Tech. Experience working at Johns Hopkins University as a research technician herself. “I’ve been there. I’m comfortable with the candidates and love talking about science.”

What Attracted Her to Human Resources: "I want a career that builds on my knowledge of biology, but offers many opportunities for interacting with people. Now I’m working in the field [of human resources], I couldn’t be happier."

What She Looks for in Research Technician Candidates: "A solid education in the biological or chemical sciences, experience in the lab—especially with molecular biology techniques—and a positive attitude."

Other Strategies for Making a Good Placement: "I try to match the personality of the candidate with the personality of the principal investigator. An extraverted candidate could do better working for an extraverted scientist; a more restrained candidate could have an easier time succeeding in a more restrained environment."

Thoughts About San Diego: "I love it here! Every day I wake up and the sky is blue. The East Coast just can’t compare. In San Diego, I can go outside in February without 10 layers on—and I can go to the beach, run, roller blade, and go mountain biking year-round.


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Kelly Kehoe was once a research technician herself.