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Welcome  to  the  Nemerow  Lab

Human adenoviruses are a major cause of acute respiratory, intestinal and ocular infections.  However, these viruses have also served as valuable tools with which to investigate fundamental cell and molecular biological processes. 
Research in the Nemerow lab is focused on gaining a better understanding of adenovirus interactions with host cells. We investigate basic mechanisms involved in virus attachment, internalization, membrane penetration and nuclear localization.  A major focus of these studies is the signaling events initiated by cell integrins that promote adenovirus endocytosis. 

Collaborations with structural biologists, cell biologists, and protein chemists play a significant role in these investigations. Fundamental knowledge gained from virus-host cell interaction studies is exploited for the design of novel viral vectors with increased capacity to deliver therapeutic genes to specific cell types including endothelial, vascular smooth muscle cells, photoreceptors, and bone-marrow derived progenitor cells.
Immunology and Microbial Science Department

11th International Adenovirus Meeting July 2014