The Kirill Martemyanov Laboratory at the Scripps Research Institute Florida

Lab Photos

Lab party 2018
Lab Party 2018


GPCR Retreat in Detroit 2018


Brian in the lab
Brian in the lab 2018


March for Science 2017


Surfacome Meeting in Italy 2017


Kayak Trip 2016


Lab Photo 2016


FASEB Conference in Montana 2015


In the Lab 2015


Kayak Trip 2014


Scripps Party 2013


Lab Party 2012


Scripps Florida 2012


Gordon Conference in Maine June 2012

Gordon Conference in Maine June 2012


Canoe Trip September 2010


Rustic Inn Crabhouse at ARVO in Florida May 2010


Garret's Defense Celebration @ Sally's January 2010


Fourth Annual Ski Trip January 2010

Second Canoe Trip September 2009


Maine shore at Gordon Conference June 2009


Second Annual Ski Trip February 2008


Ski trip to Afton Alps, MN January 2007


Canoeing down St. Croix River September 2008


Backyard BBQ October 2007


Rafting trip at FASEB meeting July 2007


Artur farewell outing February 2007