Lamia Lab Personnel


Katja Lamia, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (tenured)

2012 Searle Sholar

2013 Sidney Kimmel Scholar


Toni Thomas

Administrative Assistant


Erin Soto, Ph.D.

Research Associate 2011-2012

PhD 2010, UC San Diego

(with Dr. Ronald Evans)

Stephanie Papp

Research Assistant 2010-2012

BA 2009, University of San Diego

(Biology & Chemistry)

Anne-Laure Huber, Ph.D.

Research Associate

PhD 2010, University of Lyon

(with Dr. Serge Manie)

Sabine Jordan, Ph.D.

Research Associate

PhD 2009, University of Cologne

(with Dr. Jens Brüning)

DFG Fellow 2011-2013

AHA Fellow 2014-2016

Captain Eppi

Motivational Assistant (a.k.a. “Mascot”)


Current Personnel:


Where are they now?

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Celgene, Inc.

Patent Agent at Ionis **UPDATE

Anna Kriebs

Diploma 2012 (Biochemistry)

Eberhard Karls University

Tübingen, Germany

Thesis Title “Circadian Repressors CRY1 and CRY2 Broadly Interact with Nuclear Receptors and Repress Transcriptional Activity”

Emma Henriksson, Ph.D.

Research Associate 2013-2015

PhD 2012, Lund University

(with Dr. Olga Göransson)

SRC Fellow 2013-2016

Madelena Nguyen

Research Assistant 2012-2015

BS 2011, UC San Diego

(Neuroscience & Math)

Research Associate IV at PRODO Laboratories

Katie Tuite

BS 2016, U. of Texas, Austin



Senior Scientist, Obesity Biology

Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen

Drew Duglan, Ph.D.

PhD 2015, University of Oxford

(with Dr. Barbara Casadei)


Check out Drew’s podcast!

Megan Vaughan

BS 2014, UC San Diego



Alanna Chan

BS 2014, UC Los Angeles



Postdoctoral Fellows:

Research Assistants:

Permanent Staff:

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Research Assistants:

Graduate Students:

Assistant Professor

Cancer Research Center of Lyon

Marie Curie Fellow 2017-2019

Marie Pariollaud

PhD 2016, U. of Manchester

(with Drs. David Ray and Andrew Loudon)


Senior Scientist

Neurocrine, Inc. San Diego, CA

Stephanie Papp

Graduate Student 2012-2017

BA 2009, University of San Diego

(Biology & Chemistry)

Thesis Title: “Mechanisms of Circadian Protection Against Cancer”

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Celgene, Inc.

Graduate Students:

Associate Editor at Nature Communications

Megan Afetian

Research Assistant 2015-2017

BS 2014, UC Irvine

(Development & Cell Biology)


Project Assistant at Dart Neuroscience