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  • 01/2019: Katrin was profiled in an RNA Society Spotlight:
  • 11/2016: Katrin is named an HHMI Faculty Scholar!
  • 10/2016: Miriam Koch joins the lab!  Welcome Miriam!
  • 09/2016: Nickan Khoshnevis is born!  Congratulations Homa and Sohail!
  • 08/2016: Joanne Doherty joins the lab as Staff Scientist!  Welcome Joanne!
  • 07/2016: Graduate Student, Melissa Parker, joins the lab!  Welcome Melissa!
  • 10/2015: Jason Collins joins the lab!  Welcome Jason!
  • 08/2014: Goodbye to Hari as he accepts a position as Lecturer at Portland State University.
  • 07/2014: Welcome to rotation student Lizz Miguet!
  • 12/2013: Welcome to Scott Jones, new postdoc in the lab!
  • 09/2013: Homa's work wins the best poster prize at the Research Fest!!
  • 07/2013: Homa’s work wins a prize at the ribosome meeting!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!
  • 06/2013: Welcome to Hari, our new post-doc in the lab!
  • 06/2013: Welcome to Katelyn Doxtader who joins us as a SURF intern this summer!
  • 04/2013: Max decides to join the lab!!
  • 04/2013: Sohail and Crystal’s paper on the cofactor-dependent specificity of a DEAD-box protein is published in PNAS.
  • 02/2013: Former student Beth Strunk wins a Jane Coffins Child Postdoctoral Fellowship!! AWESOME!!
  • 08/2012: Welcome to rotation student Max Ferretti!
  • 05/2012: Crystal receives her Ph.D.!! Congratulations, Dr. Young!!
  • 04/2012: Beth’s paper on a translation cycle in 40S maturation is accepted to Cell.
  • 03/2012: Megan Novak wins an NSF predoctoral fellowship award based on her summer work with us!
  • 08/2011: Beth receives her PhD!! Congratulations, Dr. Strunk!!
  • 08/2011: Darryl & Saundra’s Rcl1 paper published in JBC!
  • 08/2011: Beth’s structural paper is published in Science & featured in the Scripps news release: for a summary, click here & for the full paper click here!
  • 08/2011: Megan Novak presented her poster entitled “40S Maturation Requires Joining of 60S and a Subset of Translation Initiation Factors“ and took home first prize at the 2011 TSRI-Florida Summer Undergraduate Intern Research Poster Competition!
  • 05/2011: 2011 Welcome Megan Novak and Caroline Horrow, who join the lab as a Summer Undergraduate Intern and a Kenan Fellow, respectively. Get ready for a fun summer!!
  • 04/2011: Congratulations to Beth, who won first prize in the second annual Scripps Florida ResearchFest in the graduate division for her poster “Ribosome Assembly Factors Prevent Premature Translation Initiation by 40S Assembly Intermediates.”
  • 03/2011: Katrin has been promoted to Associate Professor!!
  • 01/2011: Research from the Karbstein Lab published in Scripps News & Views-- Check it out!
  • 01/2011: Heather Woolls receives her Ph.D! Congratulations, Dr. Heather!
  • 01/2011: Allison Lamanna’s paper is on the cover of JMB!
  • 12/2010: Crystal Young’s paper is accepted at RNA!
  • 12/2010: Melody Campbell’s paper is accepted at PloS One!
  • 11/2010: Heather Woolls’s work is published in JMB!
  • 10/2010: Welcome to Joel Blanchard, our first Scripps rotation student!
  • 09/2010: Darryl Horn, our new post-doc, joins us from Antoni Barrientos’s lab at the University of Miami!
  • 07/2010: We have moved to sunny Florida!
  • 06/2010:  Allison got a job at Boston University!
  • 06/2010:  Beth presents a talk at the RNA society meeting!
  • 05/2010:  Melody receives her BS from U of M, and is promoted to lab technician!
  • 08/2009: Work from the lab has been published in PNAS!
  • 08/2009: The lab has been awarded a NIH R01 grant!
  • 08/2009: Congratulations to Crystal Young on receiving the Vaughn Symposium Travel Award!
  • 01/2009: The lab has been awarded a National Science Foundation career grant!
  • 12/2008: Welcome to our new Chemical Biology graduate student, Heather Woolls!
  • 11/2008: Congratulations to Crystal Young on receiving the Chemistry Research Excellence Award!
  • 09/2008: Welcome to our new post-doc, Hajeong Kim, who comes to us from Barbara Golden's lab at Purdue!


Postdoc Position Available

 Yan-Zhu Hsieh joins the lab as a rotating graduate student! Welcome Yan-Zhu!

  Haina and Xin present their work at the annual RNA Society Meeting. View their talks!

 Congratulations: Haina's paper, "Assembly factors chaperone rRNA folding by isolating helical junctions that are prone to misfolding." Has been accepted at the Proceedings of the National Acadamies of Science.

 Ebba Blomqvist joins the lab as a technician! Welcome Ebba!

 Congratulations: Melissa won the best poster award at the Scripps Research Community Symposium. You can see her poster here.

 Congratulations: Haina's paper, “Quality control of 40S ribosome head assembly ensures scanning competence” has been accepted to the Journal of Cell Biology!

  Haina and Yoon-Mo present their work at the annual RNA society meeting. View their talks here!

 Congratulations: Yoon-Mo Yang wins a NIH F32 Kirschstein Research Award!

 Congratulations: Melissa’s paper is accepted!

 Congratulations: Haina wins Best Poster at the Scripps Research Fest!

 Congratulations: Melissa wins second Place for a talk at the Scripps Research Fest!

 Postdoctoral Associate Yoon-Mo Yang joins the lab! Welcome Yoon-Mo!




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