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Katrin Karbstein, Ph.D.


Position: Associate Professor, Integrative Structural and Computational Biology

  • Vordiplom Chemistry, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
  • Diplom Biochemistry, University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany
  • Ph.D. Biochemistry, Stanford University with Daniel Herschlag
  • Postdoctoral Research, University of California-Berkeley with Jennifer Doudna



Xin Liu, Ph.D.


Position: Postdoctoral Associate

  • M.S., Chemical Biology, CIAC, Chinese Academy of Science, China
  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, North Chicago
jason collins



Jason Yang, Ph.D.


Position: Postdoctoral Associate

  • B.S., Department of Life Science, Hanyang University (Seoul, Korea)
  • Ph.D. in Microbiology, Department of Life Science, Hanyang Unversity. Research Advisor: Jin-Won Lee, Ph.D.



Melissa Parker


Position: Graduate Student, TSRI Graduate Program





Haina Huang


Position: Graduate Student, TSRI Graduate Program






Karin Ebba Blomqvist




Position:  Research Technician



Jill Goldschmitt

Position: Laboratory Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (561)228-3067


Former Postdoctoral Scholar Sponsor to:

Dr. Jason Collins (TSRI, 10/2015-08/2018; now: Postdoctoral Researcher, NIH, NIDCR Director's Diversity Fellowship Recipient

Dr. Sohail Khoshnevis (TSRI, 04/2012-06/2018); now: Assistant Professor, Emory University

Dr. Homa Ghalei (TSRI, 04/2012-10/2017); now: Assistant Professor, Emory University

Dr. Miriam Koch (TSRI, 10/2016-08/2017); now: Janssen Vaccines AG, Switzerland

Dr. Hari Bhaskaran (TSRI, 05/2013-08/2014); now: Arcturus Therapeutics, San Diego

Dr. Juliette Trepreau, (TSRI, 01/2012-06/2013); now: Project Leader in Molecular and Cell Biology, CIMTECH, Universite de Marseilles

Dr. Boguslawa Korona (TSRI, 08/2011-02/2012); now: Oxford University

Dr. Darryl M. Horn (TSRI, 09/2010-08/2012); now: Assistant Professor, Keystone College, PA

Dr. Allison Lamanna (University of Michigan, 08/2007-06/2010); now: Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Boston University

Dr. Hajeong Kim (University of Michigan, 09/2008-06/2010); now: Pharmacy Student, University of Massachusetts

Dr. Scott Walker (University of Michigan, 08/2007-08/2008); now: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Michigan


Former Graduate Students

Max Ferretti, Ph.D. 2019, Now: Postdoctoral Fellow, Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania

Crystal Young, Ph.D. 2012, Now: Assistant Professor, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida

Bethany Strunk, Ph.D. 2011, Now: Assistant Professor, Trinity University

Heather Woolls, Ph.D. 2011, Now: Solo Hill, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Annie Labut, M.S. 2009, Now: NSF International


Former Staff Scientist

Joanne Doherty, Ph.D., Kissill Lab, Moffitt Cancer Center


Former Lab Assistants

Melody Campbell, 2010-2011, Now: Associate Professor, Fred Hutch

Saundra Mason, 2009-2010, Now: Ansa Biotechnologies


Former Undergraduate Students

Stefan Choy (undergraduate student at FAU, FL)

Maggie Lyons (B.S. Eckerd College, FL)

Jessica Bush (Graduate school, Scripps Research)

Elizabeth Potts (B.S., University of Florida, post-bac, Max Planck Florida Institute)

Hans Smith (Graduate school, University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Rebecca Culver (Graduate school, Stanford University)

Hannah Toutkoushian (Graduate school, UCSF, NSF predoctoral fellow)

Katelyn Doxtader (Graduate school, UT Southwestern)

Oscar Martinez-Armenta (Graduate school in engineering, Augsburg College)

John Bloszinski (B.S., FAU)

Megan Novak (Ph.D., Northwestern University, NSF predoctoral fellow)

Melody Campbell (Ph.D., Scripps Research, postdoc: UCSF)

Christine Norton (Medical School, University of Michigan)

Elia Wright (Graduate school, University of Michigan)

Ariell Joiner (Graduate school, University of Michigan)

Sylvia Escudero (Graduate school, Harvard)

Jennifer Raymond (Dentistry School, University of Michigan)

Chris Dion

Rebecca Leone

Former REU Summer Undergraduates

Gabriela Guerrero-Corcino, University of Pennsylvania, Berks

Peyton De Marzo, Now: Predoctoral Student, UCSC

Jessica Bush, Now: PhD. Candidate, Scripps Florida

Rebecca Culver, Now: Stanford University

Hans Smith, Now: University of Wisconsin

Hanna Toutkoushian, Now: NSF Predoctoral Fellow, UCSF

Oscar Martinez-Armenta, Augsburg College

Katelyn Doxtader, University of Texas Southwestern

Megan Novak, Now: NSF Predoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University

Elia Wright, University of Michigan

Ariell Joiner, Now: University of Michigan


Former High School Students

Emily Horgen, Now: Yale University 

Thomas Rose, BLEU Student

Mulan Yang, 2019

Noelle Matese, 2018-2019, Now: University of Missouri, B.S./M.D. program

Jennifer Barre, 2017-2018, Now: Georgetown University

Z. Amanda Lee, 2017, Now: Brown University

Sydney Pincus, 2016-2017, Now: University of Miami

Julia St. Amand, 2016, Now: Brandeis University

Ethan Ward, 2016, Now: UCLA

Maria Dattolo, 2014-2015, Now: Tufts University

Cachae Alford, 2015, B.S. University of Florida

Catherine Chen, 2014, B.A. UCSC

Lauren Fremont, 2012, B.S. FAU

Angela Liang, 2012 - 2013, Princeton University

Caroline Horrow, 2011-2012, B.S. Duke University, postdoc: Mayo Clinic, Harvard Law School

Lina Leon, 2010-2011, B.S., University of Florida, graduate school, UCSF


Postdoc Position Available

 Yan-Zhu Hsieh joins the lab as a rotating graduate student! Welcome Yan-Zhu!

  Haina and Xin present their work at the annual RNA Society Meeting. View their talks!

 Congratulations: Haina's paper, "Assembly factors chaperone rRNA folding by isolating helical junctions that are prone to misfolding." Has been accepted at the Proceedings of the National Acadamies of Science.

 Ebba Blomqvist joins the lab as a technician! Welcome Ebba!

 Congratulations: Melissa won the best poster award at the Scripps Research Community Symposium. You can see her poster here.

 Congratulations: Haina's paper, “Quality control of 40S ribosome head assembly ensures scanning competence” has been accepted to the Journal of Cell Biology!

  Haina and Yoon-Mo present their work at the annual RNA society meeting. View their talks here!

 Congratulations: Yoon-Mo Yang wins a NIH F32 Kirschstein Research Award!

 Congratulations: Melissa’s paper is accepted!

 Congratulations: Haina wins Best Poster at the Scripps Research Fest!

 Congratulations: Melissa wins second Place for a talk at the Scripps Research Fest!

 Postdoctoral Associate Yoon-Mo Yang joins the lab! Welcome Yoon-Mo!




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