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Ph.D. Thesis

Three Dimensional Fourier Synthesis of N-neuraminate Lyase from Escherichia coli

Abstract, Table of Contents, Preface, Declaration, Acknowledgements, Dedication, List of Tables, List of Figures
Chapter 1 Introduction 
Chapter 2  Crystallisation
Chapter 3  Space Group Determination and Crystal Characterisation
Chapter 4  Data Collection
Chapter 5  Data Processing and Reduction
Chapter 6  The Self-Rotation Function
Chapter 7  Initial Phasing by Single Isomorphous Replacement
Chapter 8  Solvent Flattening and Molecular Envelope Determination
Chapter 9  Phase Improvement by Non-Crystallographic Symmetry Averaging with Phase Extension
Chapter 10  Interpretation of the Electron Density Map
Chapter 11  Crystallographic Refinement by Simulated Annealing
Chapter 12 Description of the Structure
Chapter 13 Homologous and Related Structures
Chapter 14  Future Prospects
Chapter 15  References
Abbreviations and Glossary of Symbols