Voluntary Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Insurance

Eligible employees, Research Associates and Graduate Students may purchase voluntary Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity insurance coverage through MetLife. Eligible dependents may be covered as well.

MetLife's Accident policy may pay cash to help you offset the expenses associated with accidents or injuries. Coverage is available for yourself, spouse/domestic partner, and eligible children.

The Critical Illness policy is generally paid in the form of a one-time, lump sum payment, dependent upon the illness. Employees may elect $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 in coverage. Rates are based on the age of the employee.

The Hospital Indemnity Plan may pay for a portion of hospital expenses, deductibles, and copays associated with admissions to the hospital.

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For more information contact MetLife at 866-363-8669, or Benefits Administration at 784-8487 or benefits@scripps.edu