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Drosophila sites:


Drosophila Bloomington Stock Center

Drosophila Genomics Resource Center

Drosdel- (An isogenic deficiency kit for Drosophila melanogaster)

Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project

Drosophila RNAi Screening Center

Geneservice (Offers a collection of 13,600 RNAi constructs in its Drosophila genome RNAi library)

Open Biosystems (Provides the Drosophila RNAi Collection version 1.0, a collection of dsDNA constructs for generation of dsRNA)

Vienna Drosophila RNAi Center

FlyView (Image Database)

The Interactive Fly (A Cyberspace Guide to Drosophila Genes and Their Roles in Development)

FlyMove (Multimedia Guide to Drosophila)

FlyTrap (P{Gal4} RNA-Based Screen Database)

FlyTrap (GFP Protein-Based Screen Database)

FlyExpress (An Expression Pattern Search Engine)

Other useful sites:

Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank

The American Type Culture Collection