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To apply:

Postdoctoral fellows:

Interested candidates should send an email directly to Velia Fowler with a brief statement of previous accomplishments and future research and career goals, curriculum vitae, and one or two publications. Successful candidates shall not have received the Ph.D. degree more than three years ago and shall have published at least two strong papers in major English journals. A strong postdoctoral training program is in place, which includes lab group meetings, journal clubs, departmental seminars and inter-laboratory focus group meetings. Fellows are mentored in the Fowler lab to develop successful fellowship and grant applications and to facilitate career development, based upon the specific interests and goals of the fellow. Fellows can also take advantage of the resources in the Career and Postdoctoral Services Office at TSRI.

Graduate students:

If you are considering graduate school, contact The Scripps Research Institute Graduate Program. If you are already in the graduate program, email Velia Fowler to discuss rotation projects in the Fowler lab.

Undergraduates and high school students:

Openings are occasionally available for part-time lab helper/internship positions during the year, or during the summer for research internships through the SURF Program. Send resume and cover letter to Velia Fowler.