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Distributed Deconvolution (DDecon) operates in ImageJ (version 1.43o or higher). We recommend that you use the ImageJ menu option “Help > Update ImageJ…” to download the latest version, which is not always directly available on their website.  It is recommended to have ImageJ configured for optimal performance in your system; both the available memory and CPUs can be set in the ImageJ’s menu “Edit > Options > Memory & Threads…”


Download and decompress/unzip the DDecon.zip file. Move DDecon_.jar file and derby.jar file to the plugins folder under the ImageJ installation directory and restart ImageJ.

Starting the program

Once you launch the ImageJ program, you will find the DDecon menu options under “Plugins > DDecon”.  Clicking on “LSDDecon Launch” brings up the first main window.

Click here to download DDecon_V5.

Click here to download DDecon User Guide_V5.

Relevant Publication:

Gokhin DS, Fowler VM. Software-based measurement of thin filament lengths: an open-source GUI for Distributed Deconvolution analysis of fluorescence images. J Microsc. 2017 Jan; 265(1):11-20