News & Updates

July 2018: Congratulations to Alyson, who defended her PhD!! A job well done!!!

March 2018: A big congratulations to Alyson and Roberta! Their paper on myosin IIA controlling Red Blood Cell shape is now published in PNAS .

March 2018: We're on Twitter! Come follow us @Fowlerlab

February 2018: Cathy was featured in a recent Scripps News & Views . Congratulations Cathy!

January 2018: Check out our new manuscript on multiscale load transfer in the lens!

January 2018: Cathy, Roberta, and Kasturi are winners in Vector labs 2017 photo contest . Check out their images in our gallery !

Welcome to the laboratory of Prof. Velia M. Fowler: the Laboratory for Cellular Architecture!


We’re located in the Department of Molecular Medicine at The Scripps Research Institute, situated on the beautiful Torrey Pines mesa in La Jolla, CA (see map).  The Fowler laboratory studies cellular architecture: how cells spatially organize themselves and their interior compartments to achieve intricate geometries, mechanical strength, and physiological function.  The principal driver of cellular architecture is the cytoskeleton, a collection of specialized and dynamic “building blocks” and “struts” that act as a cell’s structural scaffolding.  Our investigations into the cytoskeleton focus on structural elements known as actin filaments, with a particular emphasis on the functions of the tropomodulin and tropomyosin families of proteins that interact with and regulate actin filaments.  Feel free to use this website as a resource to learn about the exciting science in our laboratory.