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X-Ray Crystallography Core Facility

Major Equipment

  • Minstrel III, an automatic plate handling and imaging system
  • RoboIncubators, which can store crystallization plates in a temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • Leica stereomicroscope and a high powered stereoscope for manual crystal photography, crystal screening, and crystal manipulation
  • Gryphon Crystallization Robot, which can set up nano liter drops in minutes


  • Bruker AXS Smart APEX CCD diffraction system with a molybdenum sealed X-ray tube for small molecule X-ray crystallography

Bruker AXS Smart APEX CCD

  • Rigaku MicroMax-007 HFM X-ray generator with a VariMax HR optics and an X-Stream 2000 crystal cryo-freezing system
  • Mar345dtb image plate detector for recording X-ray diffraction patterns


  • Proteros Free Mounting System (FMS) for handling and manipulating room temperature grown crystals for diffraction optimization
FMS head microscope


crystal Crystal transformation by precise control of humidity change using FMS. Dramatic improvement of diffraction patterns (20 A to 2.7 A Bragg spacings) were seen during the crystal dehydration from Rh96% to Rh75%.


  • Dedicated computers for data collection and processing