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Vivarium Tests Price List (Effective 06/01/2015)

Important: You must have obtained training and IACUC approval to have access to the equipment

Instrument (location)

Rate (Self-Service)

Rate (run by Core)

CLAMS 1 or 2 (C105)

$315 per day (16 mice) 

$550/day (16 mice)

NMR (C105)

$290 per hour 


plus $5/mouse

BioDAQ (C116C)

$145 per day (7+ days)


$175 per day (7+ days)


Telemetry (C116C)

$18 daily recording / mouse

plus transmitter costs


Blood Pressure & Heart Rate (C130)

$125 per day (unlimited mice)

$9 per mouse per day (plus $70 equipment charge)