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Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer  

The Genomics Core offers analysis of nucleic acid samples (both RNA and DNA) using the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer and 2200 Tapestation. Both system provides sizing, quantitation and quality control of DNA and RNA, providing high quality digital data. The bioanalyzer chip uses microfluidics technology and voltage induced size separation in gel-filled chips detecting nucleic acids with laser-induced fluorescence. The resulting electropherogram trace is converted into a gel like image. The TapeStation uses a novel tape-based platform for faster and reliable electrophoresis. This system is less sensitive to different ions and high salt concentrations compared to the Bioanalyzer.

The Bioanalyzer RNA kits with the patented RNA Integrity Number (RIN) are the industry standard for RNA quality assessment, allowing reliable and precise integrity checks and sample quantitation before any RNA dependent application.  Only as low as 100 pg of total RNA is required for the analysis. Moreover, the resolution of small nucleic acids (size range of 6 to 150 nt) can also be achieved by utilizing the small RNA kit. 

The DNA kits are ideal for automated sizing and quantitation of PCR fragments, restriction digests or fragmented DNA, with a sensitivity as low as 5 pg/ul.  

The user provides samples at the required concentration and the Genomics Core personnel will run the samples on the bioanalyzer chip and email the results to the investigator within 24-48 hours. Please contact the facility staff for questions regarding sample preparation and concentration. For pricing information on samples not intended for Next Generation Sequencing or Affymetrix microarry, please click here

For more information on Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, please follow the link below:

Real Time PCR Machines 

The Genomics Core owns a Step One Plus (Applied Biosystems) and a Light Cycler 480 II (Roche) in a 96 or 384-well formats respectively. The systems support RT-PCR experiments using Taqman type probes, as well as SYBR green designed assays.  

The investigators can either bring their own reagents, or can acquire the reagents through the Genomics Core.  For pricing information, please click here. 

The Genomics Core staff will help with experimental design, as well as, provide technical advice upon request. 

To reserve time on the instrument, please sign up using the Scripps Florida calendar system.  Charges are on a per-hour basis.  Cancellations should be performed 24 hrs prior to usage. Otherwise, the user will be charged for the amount of hours reserved on the equipment. 

Prior to use of this equipment, you must be properly trained by the Genomics Core. For training contact Pabalu Karunadharma

For questions on the Step One Plus real time PCR machine, follow the link below:

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