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The Flow Core has transitioned to a new calendar system (SuperSaas) that will offer better scheduling solutions, allow you to view all calendars in one location, and prevent double booking. 

The new calendar can be found here:

You may view the calendar at anytime, however, in order to add a new reservation, you will need to create an account.  Click on the “Sign In” link and follow the prompts. Your UserID must be your Scripps email address, but you should create a unique password that is different from that of your email account.  Please let us know if you require assistance.

Reserving time on the Cell Sorter

Requests for cell sorting can be submitted online using the Sort Request Form at any time. The final schedule is issued each Monday for the second successive week. FCC Staff will make every effort to accommodate all requests. In the event of conflicting requests, Core Facility Staff will contact the involved parties to try to resolve the conflict. If this is not possible, FCC Staff will prioritize the assignments based on recent usage by the requesting individual and/or his/her lab.

Once the weekly schedule has been issued, all unassigned time is open for booking on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that we cannot delay the appointments of others if you are late for your sort.  If no one is scheduled, late sorts or additional sort time will be accommodated within the normal operating hours of the facility.

Reserving Time on the Analyzers

  • If you are not an authorized user, please contact the FCC at for scheduling and/or training.
  • Independent users are required to follow all startup and shutdown procedures at all times.
  • During peak hours, 9am-6pm, authorized users may schedule a maximum continuous block of 3 hours in advance. If the instrument is not booked by another user at the time of use, the user may continue operation.
  • During peak hours, 9am-6pm, users may schedule more than one appointment per day with a minimum of 3 hours between appointments. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances. Please contact the FCC at
  • Unfortunately, users who are late to their scheduled appointment cannot assume they will get more time. Please keep in mind your appointment may be cut short if there are other users scheduled. If users need more time, user may continue operation depending on availability, however, the PI will be charged for the original start time through the actual end time.
  • To preserve function of the instruments, if no one is scheduled immediately after you (greater than three hours between appointments), you are responsible for turning off the analyzer. Failure to comply will result in billing for the entire time that the instrument is left on and unattended. Users will also be billed at operator assisted rates for any additional time necessary to restore instrument to proper working order.
  • Users are responsible for exporting their data onto their own hard drive upon finishing experiments. Experiments older than 30 days will be periodically deleted from browser software without notice to the user.
  • No files should be stored on the computer’s C: or D: hard drive. Any files found on the computer hard drive will be deleted immediately without notice.

Reserving time on the LCM and Hemavet

Authorized users may schedule their own time.

If you are not an authorized user, please contact the FCC at for scheduling and/or training.