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Laser Capture Microdissection on the Leica LMD 7000

The Leica LMD 7000 laser capture microdissection microscope has 4X, 6.3X, 10X, 20X, 40X, and 63x objectives, automated motorized scanning and positioning, and remote stylus operated input. The microscope is also capable of cutting on any single fluorescence parameter representing commonly used fluorochromes and reporters (CFP, GFP, mCherry, etc). 

Laser capture microdissection allows for the precise and contamination-free isolation of specific areas of tissue from single cells, cell groups, or tissue regions. Dissected material is deposited into microfuge tubes for DNA, RNA, or protein recovery. The dissected material is then directly accessible for further analysis.

Leica microdissection slides are available through the core for a small charge.