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Data Analysis

The Core offers access to FlowJo software for post-acquisition analysis, on-site or off-site. FlowJo offers several additional analytical features that are not available within the acquisition software installed on the instruments.

Users requiring frequent use of FlowJo software may purchase a FlowJo license for installation on a local computer.  The approximate cost is $250/year/computer; the actual final cost is based on the number of licenses issued in Florida and La Jolla, but will be somewhere very close to this amount.  Note that the local computer must operate on the Scripps Intranet, and cannot be used otherwise.  If you require a full, independent license, please contact TreeStar Software at

Users who do not require frequent use of FlowJo software may borrow a USB dongle license from the Core for 24hrs only at no charge. There is a $50 charge per day for additional days, if the dongle is not returned within 24hrs.  Loss of the dongle will obligate the user to purchase a replacement, currently $1995.  Don't lose the dongle!!!