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Cell Based High-Throughput Screening Core

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The CBS Core maintains following collections: 

Core Available Screening Sets

  • Transomics Mammalian Genome Collection (MGC) set contains 52 384 well plates. These are spotted with 2 ul at 40 ng per well, and are in 384 well format with the option of white solid plates or black clear bottom.
  • Transomics shRNA PLATINUM Select LMP Retroviral microRNA-adapted short hairpin RNA (shRNA-mir) are next generation vector-based RNAi triggers, generated using the proprietary shERWOOD Algorithm developed in Dr. Greg Hannon's laboratory at Col Spring Harbor Laboratories, based on the functional testing of 270,000 shRNA sequences using a high-throughput sensor assay (Fellman et al 2011 and unpublished data) the shERWOOD algorithm has been trained to select shRNAmir designs that are rare and consistently potent even at single copy representation in the genome. The new shERWOOD algorithm predicted sequences have been applied to the creation of new PLATINUM Select LMP Retroviral shRNA-mir collections targeting human, mouse, and rat genomes.
  • Transomics LMP Retroviral shRNA-focused sets-PLATINUM Select LMP Retroviral shRNA-mir sets targeting popular gene families and pathways are available. These focused sets are available in a 96-well arrayed (bacterial glycerol stock). These include the human Phosphatase set that includes 256 genes of interest and 963 clones; the human Kinases set that includes the mouse Epigenetics set with 311 genes of interest and 2153 clones.
  • Thermo Mammalian Genome Collection (MGC) of 14,680 total Human and Mouse clones. There are 9,057 unique Mouse clones and 5,623 unique Human clones total. These clones are spotted at 40 ng per well and are in 384 well format white solid plates.
  • Gal4 Nuclear Hormone Receptor set includes 48 cDNA's in 384 well plates.
  • Prestwick Chemical Library set includes 1120 compounds that are all approved and marketed drugs in 96 and 384 well plates.
  • Focused cDNA sets, such as GPCRs, Kinases, and Ubiquitin from the MGC Collection, in 384 well plates.

To view the annotation files for the screening sets, please vist our CBS Search web page.  Please note this link is only accessible within the Scripps network.