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Faculty Seminar Series

The Scripps Florida Society of Research Fellows hosts the Faculty Seminar Series once in two months.

With our external seminar series, we learn about advances in research from distinguished scientists from around the world, but we so rarely have the opportunity to hear about important research and discoveries made at our own institute.

Part of the mission of the SF-SRF is to foster strong professional and personal relationships within the Scripps Florida community. Through the Faculty Lecture Series, it is the hopes of the SRF that we will be able to highlight the high quality of research conducted at Scripps Florida and foster community relationships, both professional and personal. With six departments and approximately 60 faculty members, we plan to invite one faculty member to present his or her research on the 2nd Friday of every month.

Please e-mail Andrii Monastyrskii for any further information.

Upcoming Seminar

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Molecular Therapeutics
The rise and fall of pain; understanding the path of force transduction and anesthesia”
Friday, April 22nd
12:00 noon

Former Faculty Seminars:

 Tim Tellinghuisen, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Dept. of Immunology and Microbial Science, Nov. 18th, 2015
"Regulation of hepatitis C virus RNA replication and virion assembly by the NS5A protein” 

 Courtney Miller, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Dept. of Neuroscience, Oct. 7th
"Developing Therapeutics to Prevent Relapse Triggered by Drug Associations"

 Katrin Karbstein, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Dept. of Cancer Biology, July 10th 
Quality Control and Regulation of 40S Ribosome Assembly

Seth Tomchik, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Neuroscience, June 12
"Dopaminergic Modulation of Memory Encoding" 

Brian Paegel, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, April 10 
"The Revolution will be Compartmentalized:Technology for Distributed Drug Discovery"

Laura Bohn, Ph.D. - Professor, Depts. of Molecular Therapeutics and Neuroscience. March 13
“Harnessing Ligand-Directed G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling Towards Improving Opioid Therapeutics”

Paul Robbins, Ph.D. - Professor, Dept. of Metabolism and Aging. Jan. 16 
"Development of therapeutic approaches to extend health span"

Matthew Disney, Ph.D. - Professor, Dept. of Chemistry. Nov. 14
“Progress on convincing the skeptics that RNA is a viable target for small molecules”

Joseph Kissil, Ph.D. - Professor, Dept. of Cancer Biology. Oct. 10
“Function of the Hippo/Yap signaling pathway in cancer” 

Michael Farzan, Ph.D. - Professor, Dept. of Infectious Diseases. Sept. 10. 
“New approaches to preventing and controlling HIV-1 infection”

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