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Center for Protein Sciences (La Jolla)

Located in LaJolla, California, the Center for Protein Sciences is a multi-faceted facility with its primary mission to provide TSRI with core peptide and protein services. This facility comprises five sections; peptide synthesis, amino acid analysis, Edman sequencing, HPLC and Open Access Mass Spectrometry. Consultation with the personnel in the Center is also available concerning techniques used in the facility and their appropriate use in research projects. More complex experiments that cannot be performed using routine methods and procedures can also be undertaken on a collaborative basis with the Center. Examples of these projects include the synthesis of unusual peptides, modification of normal amino acid analysis procedures, or proteomic projects using the Open Access Mass Spectrometry nanospray liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometer system.

For more information contact:

Phillip Ordoukhanian, Ph.D.

Telephone: 858-784-9941
Visit the website.