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Core Microscopy Facility (La Jolla)


The Core Electron Microscopy Facility offers full service including individual training on all the instruments for independent use. The facility has a general preparative lab outfitted with equipment for glass knife preparation (Leica EM KMR2) and for sectioning (a Reichert Ultracut E ultramicrotome and a Leica EM UC62b with a Leica EM FC6 freezing attachment for ultracryomicrotomy. Two electron microscopes are available for general use - a Philips CM100 with a low dose and compustage attachments and a Philips EM208S. The CM100 is equipped with a Soft Imaging Systems MegaView III CCD camera. At the same time both electron microscopes continue to use sheet film (Kodak SO163) for image documentation. Negatives are subsequently scanned and digitized using a high resolution flatbed scanner (Enovation Graphics Finescan 2750).

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