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Antibody Production Facility (La Jolla)

The Antibody Production Facility is a fully equipped immunochemistry lab offering complete antibody services, including the development of custom monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antisera development, in vitro antibody production, antibody purification as well as other standard immunochemistry procedures.

Monoclonal antibody development services include consultation with experienced staff for the development of an optimized immunization and screening strategy, peptide synthesis, conjugation of immunogen to carrier protein, animal immunization, cell fusion, hybridoma expansion, cloning by limiting dilution, cryopreservation, long term liquid nitrogen storage of hybridoma cell lines, antibody isotype determination, in vitro antibody production, and antibody purification.

The many in vitro antibody production services available include the testing and treatment of cell cultures for the presence of mycoplasma contamination; small and medium scale in vitro production of antibody under a variety of cell culture growth conditions, including high density bioreactors; the concentration of cell culture supernatant by precipitation; and the purification of antibody by a combination of different purification methods. When required, procedures to ensure low endotoxin levels can be implemented. In vitro production using other mammalian expression systems is also available.

In addition to antibody purification, the antibody production core lab is equipped to perform various immunochemistry procedures, such as antibody labeling with a number of enzymes and fluorochromes, antibody isotype determination, LAL testing for endotoxin determination, and SDS Page analysis.

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