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Sustainability & Compliance

Green Team

Promotion of responsible environmental stewardship is the mission of The Scripps Florida Green Team. For The Scripps Research Institute, sustainability means use of environmentally sensitive building operating systems and scientific research and management practices that serve the present society without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own health and welfare needs.

Roles and Responsibilities - Florida

The Florida Green Team consists of academic and operational department stakeholders. Committee roles and initiatives include:

  • Establishing metrics for quantifying, benchmarking, and prioritizing sustainability initiatives.
  • Ensuring that sustainable environmental principles and ethical institute practices optimize resource allocations to achieve the sustainability mission.
  • Determining and developing tools of practical ways to foster sustainability.
  • Assuring the hierarchy of sustainability: reduce – reuse – recycle.
  • Sponsoring an annual campus educational event coinciding with Earth Day.
  • Communicating sustainability accomplishments and promoting future initiatives.

Regulatory Compliance

The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) department is responsible to ensure regulatory compliance is maintained 24 X 365 on the Jupiter campus.  EH&S professionals interface with all academic and operational departments to develop and implement effective policies and programs. There are over 14 major Federal, State of Florida, and Palm Beach County regulations and corresponding agencies that require extensive compliance efforts. These agencies conduct rigorous inspections of aspects of our research and operations. The Jupiter, Florida campus is maintained in strict conformance to all of these demanding requirements.

Scripps Florida is committed to open access to regulatory agencies to assure the public interest, the community, and the environment are fully protected.