The Ron Davis Laboratory at the Scripps Research Institute Florida

Dr. Ron Davis

Welcome to the Ron Davis Laboratory

We are interested in brain function and brain dysfunction. More specifically, our ongoing projects are focused on the molecular and cellular biology of memory formation and brain disorders that disrupt memory. We pursue these issues from both the basic and translational science viewpoints. Many of the basic science issues utilize the fruit fly, Drosophila, to genetically and molecularly dissect processes underlying memory formation. Although we are broadly interested in the mechanisms underlying acquisition, memory stabilization and consolidation, and retrieval; many of our more recent studies have led to new and fundamental insights on active forgetting. That is, the brain has intrinsic processes and mechanisms to forget already formed memories. Much is yet to be discovered about the neuroscience of active forgetting.

We pursue several different translational research projects. Many of these revolve around small molecule screening efforts en route to new drug discovery for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Some of the drug discovery projects build on our knowledge of learning and memory gained from the Drosophila studies. We also have a particular interest in mitochondrial biology within neurons, since mitochondria are the energy source for neuronal activity and mitochondrial dysfunction has been reported in the vast majority of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

We employ many different laboratory techniques, including genetic, molecular biological, cellular, neuroanatomical, functional imaging, genomic, and behavioral.

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