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Outside Professional Activities

Outside Professional Activities

Pursuant to TSRI's Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, TSRI Employees, prior to engaging in any Outside Professional Activity in accordance with Section 5.4H of the Policy, must obtain approval for the Activity prior to its commencement. Such Outside Professional Activities include, but are not limited to, founding a company, being a member of a Board of Directors or a Scientific Advisory Board, consulting, and performing as expert witness for a Business outside TSRI.

Approval Request Process

To obtain approval to participate in an Outside Professional Activity, a TSRI employee must complete an approval request form. For faculty click here. For administration click here. Submit the form along with any agreements and/or relevant documents to Research Services, TPC-8, ext. 4-8596,

Finalization of the Approved Outside Professional Activity

Upon approval, Research Services will determine, in consultation with the employee, which version of TSRI's Uniform Consulting Agreement Provisions, with Intellectual Property Assignment or without any Intellectual Property Assignment, will govern the agreement for the Outside Professional Activity.  The Uniform Consulting Agreement Provisions are used to clarify the employee's obligations to TSRI and enable TSRI to fulfill obligations to the U.S. Government. The entire agreement and appended Provisions are then returned to TSRI’s employee for signature by the employee and the Business.  The Provisions are then signed by TSRI Administration or TSRI Business Counsel. Upon finalization of the Agreement and Provisions, Research Services sends a copy to TSRI’s employee for his/her records and for forwarding to the Business. 

Updating the Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Disclosure Form

When an Outside Professional Activity agreement is finalized, TSRI’s employee must update his/her Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Disclosure Form to disclose the new relationship and the requested information on the form relating to it. When any relationship terminates, the Disclosure Form must also be updated by deleting the relationship from the record.